This cartoon is hilarious, but it’s also a great illustration of how our life isn’t always as bad as it seems. It’s funny how we can complain about some of the most insignificant, petty things like “having nothing in our closet to wear” or “the pain and suffering we endure because of high gas prices,” while there are others in the world who literally have no clothes, no food, no shelter, let alone a vehicle to actually put gas in. Chances are we have it really good and don’t even realize it.

This Thanksgiving season, I think it would be good if we stopped for a moment and took an account of our lives and looked at the things that we should be thankful for – the fact that, yes, we do have the ability and opportunity to go through a McDonald’s drive-thru whenever we like and fill our stomachs with pleasurable food, the fact that our children actually get to take a hot bath before bedtime and snuggle in their warm beds, the fact that we can chill out on our comfy couch, in our heated home, on a chilly Saturday afternoon, feasting on Cool Ranch Doritos and a box of frozen Ho-Ho’s, watching a college football game on our 32” HDTV. I mean, think about it. Most of us have it made. Even if we only have two nickels to rub together, we’re still far better off than the majority of the population on earth.

We must not forget that there are others out there who have it waaaaaaay worse than us, and that when we complain, we only show just how foolish and inconsiderate we really are. So stop the grumbling! Instead of complaining, develop a habit of voicing your gratefulness — say things like, “I know I don’t have a brand new, designer shirt to wear, but thank you, Lord, that I do have clothes.” An attitude like this will resonate and shine through your demeanor and people will see the grace and gratitude in which you live your life.

And even if you do really have it “that” bad, consider the fact that a lot of times your struggle is only a means to making you a stronger, better person. In every pain and trial, there is a purpose behind it. So don’t ruin what God is intending for your good by sabotaging it with your selfish pride and whiny attitude. Endure the process. Live gracefully and valiantly through your hardships and be mindful that somebody else might need to feel your strength and see your smile.