We showed this video yesterday at church and a few people asked me if they could see it again. Well, here it is, as well as the article I read from the Sports Illustrated magazine. The volume on the video is pretty low (I’ll have to fix that later), so make sure you turn up your volume to hear the music.

This is such an inspiring story about a dad who accepts no excuses for being a lame father. In spite of the enormous challenges he has faced raising a disabled son, he determines in himself to be the best dad he can possibly be. As you will see in the video, he gives everything he can so that his son may experience life to the fullest. His commitment and dedication as a father has forever ruined me – in a good way. I am challenged to give my 110% to fatherhood no matter what the circumstances.

If you have never heard the Hoyt Team story, I encourage you to read the article first before watching the video.

Sports Illustrated Article: Strongest Dad in the World