I found the following link to an article that was in the Plain Dealer kind of interesting. It’s about a young man, 19 years old, who had a near-successful run at being the city of Streetboro’s next mayor. Since his running, city officials are now trying to up the age limit for holding a city office to 23.

What do you think? Is 19 too young to hold a political office? Or is enforcing an age limit age discrimination? Is it okay that you can be old enough to vote or to risk your life in combat for this country, but not also to serve it politically?

Now, if you ask me, I think most any 19 year old would lack the life and business experience to run an office effectively, and for that reason alone, I probably wouldn’t vote for them. However, because we do live in a democracy, what should stop a town from voting in a 19 year old to office if, in fact, they felt he or she was the most adequately equipped candidate for the job? Just something to ponder.

Click here for the article.