You might consider this . . . Do you think that would work? What do you think of . . .? Maybe if we were to phase it this way it would be better.

Always give people the opportunity to do things themselves, never tell someone, let them do it, let them learn from their mistakes. A technique like that makes it easy for a person to correct errors. A technique like that saves a person’s pride and gives him or her a feeling of importance. It encourages cooperation instead of rebellion. Resentment caused by a brash order may last a long time – even if the order was given to correct an obviously bad situation. Asking questions not only makes an order more palatable; it often stimulates the creativity of the persons whom you ask. People are more likely to accept an order if they have had a part in the decision that caused the order to be issued.

*Compilation taken from “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” by Dale Carnegie