My friend, Aaron Powell, brought this story to my attention last week. To say the very least it is shocking, disturbing, aggravating, irritating, appalling, offensive, repulsive……okay, you get my drift.

On April 10, 2007, students attending a mandatory assembly at the Boulder High School in Boulder, Colorado, were encouraged to freely engage in sexual activity and use drugs. In fact, the psychologist that the school flew in to speak at the assembly said, “I’m going to encourage you to have sex, and I’m going to encourage you to use drugs appropriately. And why I am going to take that position is because you’re going to do it anyway.” He even went as far as saying that if he had the drug Ecstasy right then, he would use it.

How could this bozo get away with saying something so repugnant in a public school where some in attendance were as young as 14? He could because Colorado law now mandates scientifically based standards for all of Colorado public schools. Scientifically based? What? Promoting sex and drugs is scientifically proven to be a good way to reach the kids of America? I’m at a loss. What ever happened to the highly effective concept of abstinence and “Just say no”? What ever happened to common sense?

Sadly, this is the America that we are living in today. And if there is any hope that our children will grow up with some sense of moral direction – it’s not going to be because the schools are teaching it – it’s going to be because of parents who talk to their kids, and stay involved in their lives, and counter these types of destructive messages with practical, wholesome instruction.

To read more details on this story, click here. To hear some of the actual audio clips of the assembly, click here.