On Monday, I turned in my final project for a class I’m taking through Ohio University. It was such a relief to be done…..at least for another quarter.

Come Tuesday, however, I didn’t know what to do with my spare time. There were no chapters to read, no research journals to review – nothing but an evening of complete relaxation. Yeah right.

With my father-in-law coming home from a vacation that evening, and all the pretty snow melting away, I knew exactly what my evening would consist of: fixing all the ruts I caused earlier this winter when I took it upon myself to plow my in-laws driveway (as well as their yard). Fortunately, I got help from the little guy.

Well, not a whole lot of help. Dalyn thought it would be more fun to actually play IN the mud – and, indeed, it was. We had a blast! That is, until he fell completely in. With his bottom half soaked in mud and his feelings suddenly crushed, he was bewildered, and apparently I couldn’t fix it. No, he let me know – this was a job that only Mommy could handle – and off he went to find her.