This video might just be the beginning of a whole new way of life for you. What do I mean? How about transforming the way you look at money and completely revolutionizing the way you live – that is, life DEBT FREE. Can it be done? Well, let’s take a look at one family – some call them the cheapest family in America – who are surviving off of a household income of under $35,000 a year, in spite of the fact that there are SEVEN of them! The proof is definitely in the bag with this family and it’s encouraging to know that they are in no way suffering to get it done.

The family just wrote a book entitled, “America’s Cheapest Family – Gets You Right on the Money: Your Guide to Living Better, Spending Less, and Cashing in on Your Dreams.” I’m interested to know more about the method to their madness, so for only 8 bucks at, I’m getting my copy today.