Ever since Michael Jordan retired….and then retired again….I never thought I would care to watch another basketball game or follow another player in the same way that I did with him and the Chicago Bulls.

But then Lebron came. Wow.

If he hasn’t brought back to the game what MJ left with, I don’t know who has. At only 22 years of age, the guy is unbelievable. Last night, playing in Detroit (actually Auburn Hills) for game 5 of the Eastern Conference NBA Semifinals, he was without a doubt in “I’m going to win a championship, no matter what it takes” mode. Scoring 29 of the Cavaliers final 30 points and leading them to victory, James was absolutely relentless, perserving through two overtimes and attacking the rim like only I’ve seen……well, Michael Jordan do.

It’s like Lebron has reintroduced the game of basketball to the world. I didn’t think it would be possible to reignite that magic like Air Jordan did, but I must say, it’s actually fun to watch a game again.