Last weekend was my family’s traditional Easter dinner in Columbus, Ohio, hosted by the two biggest heroes of my life, Mom and Dad. Not only was the food de-lish, but the moments together were priceless.

Part of the day’s festivities included an Easter egg hunt, which had Dalyn going wild. And once he realized that the eggs had chocolate candies inside them, there was no stopping him. Notice the picture of him and Mommy….. He can’t even squeeze his binky in there.

In the evening we all sat down and shared in a little tradition we do in our family. Since we have some Jewish blood in our veins, we commerate the Passover by talking about the Seder plate and how it symbolizes in so many ways the redemptive work of Christ.

Older brother, Jason

Grandma Kiner

Younger sister, Krista

Older sister, Kara