So, you think you have what it takes to be a Wall Street stock broker, huh? Then maybe it’s time you turned your thoughts into action and start trading like the savvy economist you are. But wait! Before you go risking the whole kit and caboodle on a wildly uncertain market, how about a practice round? How, you ask. Go to

I just discovered this site a few weeks ago and have been having a blast with it. Basically, it’s a website that allows you to manage your own $100,000 fantasy stock portfolio and buy and sell stocks in real time. So, essentially, everything is “like real” – the stocks, the prices, the trading – however, if you end up losing 50 thousand bucks on a dumb hunch that your neighbor’s ex-wife’s half-brother had, you’ll still be able to make the house payment (that is, if you actually had the money for the house payment to begin with). Anyways, it’s all for fun, just the practice is real. Check it out. You can register on the site for free. If you do sign up and play, I want to know how you fare as a mighty stock broker.

Remember, is just a game. There’s no real money involved – just simulation. The site is designed to help the average Joe learn how to become the market guru by providing tools to sharpen his or her investment skills and strategies.