The youth group at my church (aka Real Life Youth) will be making their long trek down to Charlotte, North Carolina, tomorrow morning for Youth Congress 2007, an every-other-year event, sponsored by the United Pentecostal Church International, and drawing in close to 20,000 youth from all over the globe. Based on my own past Youth Congress trips, it’s bound to be an awesome experience.

So that said, I just want to wish each one of the young people loads of parent-free fun (you know, a few days of eating nothing but Cheetos and Pepsi, late night prank calling and giving each other wedgies, racking up the world’s largest text-messaging bill known to man, etc.). Hey, it wasn’t that long ago that I went to Youth Congress! Teenagers will be teenagers. But, don’t worry too much parents. I’m certain that all your concerns will soon be overshadowed by the positive and even life-changing stories they will likely bring home. In fact, I can still recall many phenomenal “God Moments” that occured for me at a Youth Congress, as well as the seemingly infinite amount of new and wonderful friends I gained (one of those being my wife).

Anyway, for all of us who won’t be going to YC2007, we can stay connected with the buzz via a live blog being fed by ten Youth Congress attendees. It’s sure to be fun reading. Check it daily so you don’t miss out on all the craziness.