I never was really into celebrating Halloween. That is, until I heard that you can get a free burrito at Chipotle simply by wearing aluminum foil on your body on Halloween. I would probably do much more for a free Chipotle burrito, but, thankfully, all I had to do was hand-craft a super-cool burrito hat. Dona and Dalyn also shamelessly joined me in this festive, yet debatably humiliating, adventure.

These were my night-vision goggles I made. The cashier begged me for them, so I gave them to him. It was the least I could do since he was giving me 3 free burritos.

The line went clear out the door and wrapped around the shopping plaza. Insane!

Making your own aluminum foil hat, equipped with burrito chamber = $0.10
Driving 15 miles to the nearest Chipotle = $1.25
Standing in line for 35 minutes = $Annoying
Getting a free burrito – Priceless