Just want to give some props to a new product I recently purchased – the magicJack. This little gadget (to the right) provides you with free local and long distance calling, free voice mail and caller ID, and allows you to take your phone number wherever you go (pending that you have an Internet connection with you). The best part is…. the device only cost me $39.95. After the first year, the only expense I will pay is 19.95 – PER YEAR – for the service. This beats the pricing of a traditional land line any day. I’ve been using my magicJack for the past couple weeks and, so far, I love it. Good sound quality and very simple to set up. What I love even more is all the money I will save because of this sweet little piece of technology. All you do is plug it into your computer, then plug your phone cord into the back of the device. It’s that simple

Check it out for yourself at www.magicJack.com.