decisionActor Jack Nicholson was “discovered” while working as a gopher at the MGM. Designer Tommy Hilfiger started his high-end fashion line selling his clothes out of the trunk of his car. Singer William Hung….well, never mind. I just wonder how many other ordinary people out there possess an extra-ordinary talent that the world hasn’t discovered, at least not yet. Perhaps that’s your story.

Sure, there are those celebrities that caught a lucky break early on, and the ones who were just born into the right gene pool. But let’s not overlook the small details. In many cases, stardom didn’t happen by accident.  For people like Oprah, Howard Schultz, or Hillary Swank, their destinies launched because they acknowledged their talent (while being a nobody) and took that first step (aka. leap of faith). In Nicholson’s case, it was placing himself in close proximity to where the Hollywood action was. In Hilfiger’s case, it was simply doing what he loved without waiting for someone else’s approval or their capital. And Hung, what can I say? The guy just put himself out there, like a boss.

But, let’s be real. Rags-to-riches stories are inspiring.  Testimonies of other’s self-made notoriety are impressive. But, who cares? I mean, seriously. These are all other people’s tales. What does that have to do with you and what you have to offer the world right now?

My point here is not about fame and riches. Not at all. It’s about the possibility that greatness resides in you. Yes, you. It’s about unearthing that diamond in the rough; about being honest with yourself and acknowledging the creative gifting that God has given you; about making your life matter; about doing what you know you’ve been placed on this earth to do; about taking action; about persevering; about contributing to a better world because you’re in it. The Bible says, “give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if you do these things, you will never fall.”

So, if plain ol’ ordinary you believes that something extra-ordinary is lying within you, could now be the time to take the leap, to go “all in?”

Ask yourself, do I possess a knack for cooking, photography, interior design, writing? Am I holding off on patenting that big idea? Was I born to teach? Run for city council? Start that company? You know who you are and you know exactly what I’m talking about. Stop delaying. Stop confusing “potential” for actually “doing it.” Stop thinking about what you could do if you had permission, if you had provision….if, if, if.  And stop pretending like your calling is for someone else. It’s not. It’s you….and if not right now, then when? Folks, it’s decision time.