redefined2014What was 2013 a precursor to? It seems that life has a way of “defining” us….good, bad, and the ugly. But stop and think, who is the narrator of that life story? You? Others? Culture? God? Consider who’s writing that next chapter of yours. Are you ready for it? Are you scared? Are you excited? More importantly, are you willing to go? If you feel like you’re right on the edge of something great, still just an arm’s length away from what you know is your life purpose, then I encourage you to let 2014 be a turning point of uncharacteristic courage, pioneering ideas, relentless boldness, and a fearlessness to step into uncharted territory. Don’t let 2014 be your 2013 all over again. Here’s to a year of fresh creativity, unusual clarity, and a new you. Let it be a year of redefinition!