You want to win friends and influence people? Dale Carnegie’s age-old tips can help you, but it all really boils down to one thing: Giving value first. You want to be on the receiving end of positive outcomes? Don’t just go around looking for handouts or wait for spontaneous good fortune. Give value first. Most people desire a good deal. We love to be on the receiving end of something of value. Places like Burger King have already tapped into this revelation, hence the ever-popular “Value Meal” menu that largely contributes to their “whoppering” 2.5 billion dollar a year revenue earnings. People are naturally drawn to value. People shop at Walmart, Target, Aldi’s, ebay, and all for the same reason. We gravitate to things that bring value.

If you want to be on the receiving end of this type of gravitation, in which people are drawn to you and seek to be involved with you and show you favor, then get used to delivering value to them. Provide value with every relationship and connection you make. This investment will pay you back exponentially, I promise. Many times, we wait until the other person initiates the opportunity. This is no way to make things happen. Take initiative yourself, make the first contact, offer something – tangible or intangible – of value that will make them go, “Wow!” If you don’t provide some form of value to others, you give them no reason to return to you or to return any favor. Adopt the “give value first” philosophy and you will not only win more friends, but you will maintain the ones you have, and find that your investments rarely return void.