Do you desire God’s blessing in your life?

Most would answer this near rhetorical question with an emphatic, “Yes!”  Of course we want God’s favor!  Of course we want the Lord’s hand moving upon our life, guiding our footsteps, empowering us to live out the very best life we can!

But how?

For many, a life of blessing seems like a fantasy, too off-in-the-clouds, too ethereal to be reality.  Today, let’s just obliterate this crazy myth!  I want to assure you and proclaim that, not only, is this life POSSIBLE, but that God’s favor is for YOU.  That’s right, God DOES want to bless you.  It’s no secret.  God didn’t design you for failure.  Of course, that doesn’t mean you are immune to failure.  Don’t be silly.  Breakdowns, mistakes, shortcomings, these are all inevitable experiences in life.  But failure – that is NOT God’s destiny for you.

Rather, God designed you for success.  He designed you to be an overcomer.  He destined you to be blessed, not distressed.  He destined you to be free, not bound.  To be the head and not the tail.  He intentioned excellence for your life.

Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, “they are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

So, how do we tap into this life of blessing?  How do we unlock the door that unleashes God’s abundant favor into our life?

  1. First, we must believe that God’s blessing exists.  Yes, as simple as that sounds, we must accept the reality that God’s favor flows and has always been flowing.  There is a fountain of blessing somewhere.  You may not know where it is, and you may not know how to tap into it yet, but it does exist.
  2. Second, we must realize that there are things that God has already blessed.  I would submit that, since the beginning of time, God has blessed two things for sure:  His covenant and the Kingdom.  Covenant is simply another word for “promise.”  The Bible declares that God’s promises are “yea” and “amen,” meaning they are unyielding and eternal.  Within God’s Word, you will find some 3,500 plus promises (not to mention, the whole theme of Scripture is one big giant promise!).  From the days of the Old Testament until now, these are words of life and power to them that receive them!Furthermore, Jesus declared, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”  What exactly is the Kingdom?  It is anywhere that Jesus Christ is made King.  Anytime you serve, worship, fellowship, disciple, or do anything that establishes and celebrates Christ’s Lordship, you are operating in a Kingdom dimension.  And this dimension is awesomely blessed.
  3. Third, and perhaps most important, we must ALIGN ourselves to what God has already blessed.  Many times, I have found myself seeking God’s blessing upon my life only to later wonder why He never blessed it.  I prayed prayers like, “God bless me, bless my family, bless my finances, bless my career, bless my ministry, bless my endeavors, bless this, bless that…,” yet, strangely, His liberty and favor remained elusive.  Now, don’t get me wrong, these are some good prayers to pray.  However, what I failed to realize in my times of importuning was that God won’t bless me simply because I ask Him to, nor is He as interested in building my “castle” as He is in building His Kingdom.  Think about that for a moment…….  Simply put, God is a God of principle and His blessing is contingent solely on alignment to Him.  Persistent pleading isn’t the trick, neither is good performance.  God’s blessing flows into our life the moment and to the degree we align ourselves to what He has already established and blessed – His Word, His promises, His Kingdom-purposes for your life, and His covenant relationship with you.To illustrate this point a little more pragmatically, think about the plumbing in your home.  In most residential developments, there is a water main out below the street in front of your house.  This gargantuan pipe is the source of the water that feeds into your home and through the plumbing and faucets.  However, if your home’s supply line (the pipe between the road and the house) isn’t connected to the water main, you could stand on your front porch and plead and beg and shout to God for water to flow through your house, but guess what?  Barring a miracle, there ain’t gonna be any water!  Yet, the moment that supply line connects into the water main, the water that was always present before, and always flowing before, now begins to channel its way into and through your home.

    The same is with God!  His blessings have always been present and have always been pouring.  It’s simply a matter of aligning ourselves and connecting to the Source!

Today, I just want to encourage you to inquire of the Lord – seek revelation – for what He has already established in your life.  Wait for Him to reveal to you where His fountain of favor is, and to lead your hands to tasks that He has already blessed.  His blessing is not beyond your reach, but it’s also not within you alone – it’s within Him.  The Bible teaches us to loose on earth whatever is already loosed in Heaven.  If it’s not established in heaven, you can pray all you want, but you will not experience God’s favor here on earth.  The apostle Paul warned about “praying amiss.”  While, contrarily, Jesus proclaimed, “If you ask anything in my name, I will do it.”  Translated from the Greek, this simply means that anything you ask for that aligns to the character of Christ – who He is and what He’s doing – He will freely and liberally grant you.  In other words, love what He loves, care about what He cares about, invest yourself into the Kingdom, and your life will be prosperous. Friend, YOU are a conduit for extraordinary power and blessing!

Is it time to live out this destiny?

I Samuel 2:30
…”For them that honor me, I will honor.