Come this November 4th, America decides who becomes the next President of the United States of America. On this day, many dedicated Democrats will be voting for Obama; while just the same, many staunch Republicans will be voting for McCain. There remains, however, a massive number of Americans who are still undecided and asking themselves, “Is there a difference between these two candidates?” For you, I write this post.

Today, I am voting for John McCain. I say, “today,” because I filled out an absentee ballot and do not have to wait until November 4th for my voice to be heard. The question is, though, why am I voting for McCain and not Obama?

Here are just a few of the things that I have considered before making my decision:

  • Faith and Values
    For starters, I can tell you I am voting my faith and values, and not just my political party. Nothing comes before my core beliefs. Absolutely nothing. That’s not to say that John McCain espouses everything within my value system (because he doesn’t), but I can say I believe he’s a whole lot closer to it than Barak Obama is. Now, if it were the case that Obama related more closely to my values than McCain, then I assure you my allegiance would be running a different course and I would be voting Democrat.
  • Country First
    One of my values is to put my country first. McCain has an extensive record of putting his country first. He served his country whole-heartedly in Vietnam, through thick and thin, and when given the opportunity to come home early from duty, he declined, stating that he had not yet fulfilled his commitment to his country and fellow men. His extreme bravery and loyalty to country and countrymen has been proven time and time again through his lifetime of service, both in military and politics.
  • Leadership
    I must say, based on everything I have read and heard (which, let’s face it, that’s all we can go by), Obama has a sketchy past, peppered with many poor judgement calls. He has had associations to people and organizations that have been found extremely untrustworthy, even dangerous, to this country. For example, at the inception of his political career, Obama shared close ties to a man, Bill Ayers, who, years earlier, ran a violent left-wing activist group, called Weather Underground, which was responsible for numerous domestic terrorism acts, including bombing the Pentagon and Capital buildings. Obama was also closely involved with a group called ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), which currently is under investigations for voter fraud and disrupting the political system. Balance Obama’s history of leadership and judgment calls with John McCain’s and I think you’ll find a stark contrast. It’s hard to argue that McCain has had nothing but a remarkable record of leadership and experience in the military and in Congress.
  • Life
    Another of my values is the sanctity of life. I believe that John McCain has a good, solid understanding of when life begins and who should be responsible for ending it. Obama doesn’t. No need to say anything further.
  • Sarah Palin
    C’mon, what’s not to like about her?

Perhaps my reasoning for voting for McCain will not suffice your criteria for making a good decision, but just remember one thing: one man will be elected on Election Day. Which one of these men represents your values and priorities the closest? Looking ahead 5 to 10 years, which one will help build a truly better, safer America?