Hello again to everyone out there! I want you to know from the very bottom of my heart your visit (or revisit) to my blog means the absolute world to me. I hope only that it might mean something to you in return.

It has been a long four months since my last post. In spite of this protracted silence, I want to assure you I did not abandon my passion for blogging. If anything, I took a needful sabbatical from it. Since the beginning of the year, I have undertaken a couple of new and adventurous challenges, causing me a great deal of excitement, yet perhaps even more fatigue, both mentally and physically. The first challenge was the beginning of a new job. The second, buying a first home. Between the two, my head has been spinning like a fighter jet barreling out of control.

Needless to say, through all the chaos of “change,” my blog has taken a back burner while I took some necessary time to clear my head and locate ground zero again. In the process, I found myself simply soaking in silence – not really exerting anything out of my spirit, just listening. I needed quiet. Contemplating the last few months, I thank God for giving me patience and sanity to get through them, because I know that I did not sustain them on my own strength. It has given me great peace to know that He will never fail me or let me fail. I also give a great deal of gratitude to my wife, Dona, for always believing in me.

Having said all that, I just want to finish this blog entry by commiting to all the visitors and readers of this blog, and most importantly to myself, that I will do my very best to submit at least one entry per week to this web journal….. Not that I have anything “great” to say, but there are some things you just feel to do, if for no one else but yourself.