The hotel I stayed at in Biloxi was Beau Rivage. As far as rating it, it was very nice, but I must say, it was not the most service-oriented hotel I’ve ever been to. While the location, the scenery, and the decor was all ravishing, and the numerous onsite amenities were quite appealing, nearly everything about the hotel was geared to take your money. In fact, you could barely even find a seat anywhere in the hotel – the reason: they want you to sit down where they can charge you, such as a restaurant or in front of a slot machine (did I mention the Beau Rivage is a gambling resort). And get this little piece of loveliness, if you want to have Internet access, you have to first buy a cable out of their vending machine for $10 bucks! Then it costs $12 a day to actually get Internet access to go through that crazy little cable. Can you say SCAM?!! It makes the Comfort Inn look more and more attractive every minute.

Anyway, I’ll quit my griping…… the pillows were nice. Here are some more pics of the hotel: